How To Make Money Online For Free – Seriously

Americans have always embraced finding creative ways to make money in the past. One of the best examples of this may have been the gold rushes that occurred out west in our countries early years.

While there aren’t any new frontiers for you to rush to and try your hand at panning gold, there are ways to make money online for free that doesn’t involve panning or freezing your butt off in the mountains. We’ve listed 9 easy ways to make money online for free below.

Get Free Stock

Apply named, the Robinhood App allows you to invest as little as $5 into the stock market for free. Even better, once you sign up, Robinhood will give you some random stock, for free!

See If You Have Any Unclaimed Funds Or Property

The Federal Government and State Treasury website have billions – yes billions in unclaimed funds and property. They have easy to use searches on their sites. There are countless stories of people finding $50 or $100 from a closed accounts, but also many true stories of people who have realized they were left fortunes from a long lost relative. Simply Google unclaimed money from the government or your local state to find the treasury sites and search away. Don’t forget to also check states that you or other family members have lived in to see if there is anything to claim there.

Trade In Old Electronic Devices

Do you have an old tablet or phone laying around? Used text books from college? There is an ever-growing market for refurbished products online. Amazon has multiple programs based on what you have, and in addition, there are great companies like Plug Tech who can buy used electronic devices for great prices!

Play Video Games

If you haven’t heard of Twitch and you play video games, well, we don’t know what to say, other than check it out! You can actually get paid while you play your games online! In addition, there a several apps (with good reviews) ranging from Bingo Cash to Solitaire Cash that allow you to win cash!

Forward Junk Mail and Emails

The Small Business Knowledge Center will give you points for your junk mail and emails that can be turned into gift cards. See the program for details, but you basically save your crap mail, put it in an envelope and mail it in. Email is even easier, you just forward it!

Be A Mock Juror

Sites like eJury will pay you to act like a mock juror for upwards of $50 in some cases. For less than an hour’s worth of work, it might be better than watching Law and Order or Perry Mason (if you know who that is)…

Sell Your Old Clothes

Are you a clothes horse and have a ton of clothes sitting around or in storage? Sites like Poshmark and ThredUp will allow you to see your old threads!

Share Your Opinion Online

You can get paid for your opinion, no matter how bad it is, literally. There are a host of sites online that will pay you to take part in survey’s or answer questions online.

Watch Videos On Your Phone

InboxDollars will pay you to watch video clips, then ask you questions about them.

There are numerous ways to make money online for free by doing very basic things you probably do every day, it just takes a little initiative to seek them out and take them seriously!