amazon stock price

Amazon Stock Price

It’s hard to find a company with a bigger reach around the world than Amazon. It is the world’s largest internet company and the biggest retailer in the world (outside of China). Please find Amazon’s current stock price below.

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Investing in Amazon’s stock (ticker: AMZN) has been a profitable one for many people. The last time the stock was under $100 a share was back in 2009. People who bought it back then and held on have watched their investment grow 30x as the stock has been over $3,000 per share for pretty much all of 2021 and 2022. Though, even if you got in late, you could have still picked it up in 2018 for around $1,500 per share and doubled your money if you held on to your investment.

Amazon’s Businesses

Amazon is well-known as the king of ecommerce in much of the world. Their trucks are constantly shuttling around neighborhoods across the world delivering clothes, electronics, household products, toys, appliances and more to homes and businesses. But there is a lot more to Amazon than just ecommerce.

Amazon is a media company that has music, movies, TV shows available for download and streaming. This includes many movies and shows that are Amazon original productions that are made through Amazon Studios.

It is also a technology company that produces electronics for consumers. The most popular of which are it’s Kindles along with Echo devices and Fire tablets.

The company is also in the cloud computing business. The company’s Amazon Web Services division is reportedly the company’s most profitable business.

The company also owns Ring, Twitch, Whole Foods, IMDb, and a whole host of other well-known brands in a variety of industries.

Amazon Stock History

In the company’s first full year listed on the markets, the stock price went from $4.2608 all the way up to $53.33 per share for a whopping return of 966.56% for the year. Since then there have been a few years where the stock price has more than doubled. The most recent was 2015 where the stock opened the year at $208.52 per share and closed at $675.89 a share.

Can the Amazon stock price double again? Will it ever double in just a year’s time ever again? We are not going to make a prediction about that here. We will say that the company is a clear industry leader that does not seem to have any serious competitors that can knock it off its throne anytime soon.

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